Natural Deo’s Knockout Battle, Round 2: pHresh vs. Weleda Wild Rose

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Our Natural Deodorant Battle continues with victor pHresh deodorant in Sugar Mint taking on Weleda’s Wild Rose deodorant. Just to recap, pHresh dominated Round 1 against Tom of Maine’s. Will Weleda now edge out the defending champ for the title of Best Clean Deodorant? In order to find out:

Let’s get ready to ruuuuummmmmmmmbbbllleeeeeeeee!

As always, we will be judging these stink-fighters based on 3 main categories. The main deciding factor, however, will be effectiveness. Because, really, who cares about the rest if it doesn’t work?

1. Ingredients: As we saw in round 1, pHresh is pretty darn clean. Each ingredient is explained on their website.  Ditto Weleda. All ingredients listed here. However, Weleda contains Alcohol and Fragrance, 2 things that can be irritating for sensitive skin. This round will have to go to pHresh for its’ commitment to purity.

2. Effectiveness: For this battle, I attempted the 2 Pit Test. What is that, you may ask? Pretty much what it sounds like. I apply one deodorant on each arm pit in order to have a fair test: same conditions, same wear time etc. My first impression upon application of the Weleda spray was that the rose smell no longer smelled like roses once on my skin. Perhaps it was a bad reaction to my chemistry, but it was rather unpleasant. About an hour later, that smell had faded (I’m assuming because the alcohol had evaporated), but I did have to wait for my DEODORANT to stop smelling. Weird. By the end of the day, pHresh was feeling a little less than fresh, but was still OK. However, Weleda had my olfactory system on red alert. I will spare you the description, but let’s just say that I did not smell like a “Wild Rose”.

3. Packaging, Scent and Price: pHresh deodorant comes in your standard twist up type of stick. I had mentioned before that I wasn’t too wild about the packaging, as the stick  wobbles around inside a little. The scent I have is “sugar mint”, which smells exactly like what is says: sugar + mint. It is available  on their website here for $7.99, making it totally affordable. Weleda is definitely a little more fancy in their packaging: a glass bottle with non-aerosol spray. It comes in Wild Rose, Citrus and Sage. You could buy this from a number of online retailers such as iHerb or Saffron Rouge for about $12.50, but I suggest you test out the smell on your wrist at your local Whole Foods first. As far as I’m concerned, the Wild Rose scent wasn’t too great to begin with and only got worse with wear.

And the winner, by product effectiveness knockout, is………… pHresh, again

Well, it seems that pHresh has nabbed itself another landslide victory. To be honest, I was expecting Weleda to put on a better show than this. Perhaps I should try a different scent . Have you had better luck with any of the other Weleda Deodorant scents? I would love to hear your thoughts.


6 thoughts on “Natural Deo’s Knockout Battle, Round 2: pHresh vs. Weleda Wild Rose

  1. Love this post in comparing Deodorant fun and helpful. I use pHresh and love it because its true to its scent and does the job. Another staple of may is lavender deodorant form Meow Meow Tweet. Great stuff . check them out.

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