Kari Gran Mineral Foundation Review with Swatches

Paraben free skin care

If you have not yet heard of Kari Gran, let me introduce you. This company does beauty the way a Michelin star restaurant does food: with a small menu. You know how fancy restaurants often only give you a handful of options for each course, yet each dish is perfectly crafted and beautifully presented? Kari Gran is much like that. They only make a handful of products, but each one is perfezione!

One such product is their mineral foundation. There are only 4 ingredients in this puppy: Mica, Titanium Dioxide (Aluminum free, of course), Iron Oxide and Zinc Oxide. The Titanium and Zinc Oxide offer protection from the sun’s rays, although you would have to put on quite a bit to get adequate protection. I would recommend wearing sunscreen underneath rather than adding more foundation than necessary. My favorite thing about this foundation is the light reflecting particles. When I initially put the powder into the palm of my hand, I was worried that I would be “glittery”. Not a good look for the over thirteen crowd. However, there was no glitter to be found once I applied it to to my face. My skin looked luminous, and  if you get your application technique down pat, the foundation should not be perceptible on your skin.

Application tips:

  1. Use sparingly! The instructions say that the amount left on the lid will be enough for your first application (if you’re applying it dry) and they ain’t tellin’ no lies. You can always build up, but removing it is always more hassle.
  2. For those of you (like me) who prefer liquid foundations, adding one pump of the Essential Serum to about half of the tiny spoon they provide you with gives you a beautiful light-coverage foundation. I also added the powder to my sunscreen to see if I could be added to creams. That worked equally well. The only thing I will say is that if your foundation has a whitish cast to it (as many natural sunscreens do), then it will lighten the foundation shade just a tad.
  3. Removal is a snap. I have been using their Cleansing Oil, but any facial oil will do the trick. I’m really into oils these days, so it has become by make up removal method of choice.

Picking your Color: In terms of color selection, the range works well for light to medium/dark skin tones. Unfortunately, there are no shades that would match very dark skin tones. Selecting a foundation shade from a website can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Kari Gran makes a very convenient Sample Kit containing a sachet of each color from the range. It costs $10, but they will apply the entire cost of the kit towards your foundation purchase. Considering they offer free shipping on all purchases, this is a great option to ensure you purchase the right shade.

Swatches: Below, I have done my best show you what each shade looks like, since it is a little difficult to differentiate between the shades with the colors swatches on the website. In order to have the color show up more, I added a bit of the serum to each shade and blended it onto my forearm. Colors are numbered left to right.

Kari Gran Foundation 1 and 2

Kari Gran Foundation 1 and 2

Kari Gran Foundation 3 and 4

Kari Gran Foundation 3 and 4

Kari Gran Foundation 5 and 6

Kari Gran Foundation 5 and 6

Kari Gran Foundation 7 and 8

Kari Gran Foundation 7 and 8

Note: I know I know, 7 and 8 look very similar to 1 and 2. If you look closely though, 1 and 2 seem to have more yellow undertones whereas 7 and 8 seem to have more pink to them. I would definitely consider 1 the lightest shade, followed by 7 (for yellow undertones), then 2 (also for yellow undertones, hence why it is a perfect color match for me and has disappeared into my arm), and finally 8 (a fraction darker than 2 with more pink)

As far as foundations go, my favorite thing about Kari Gran is that you can customize your coverage AND your application method based on what your skin wants. Powder today? Sure. Tinted moisturizer tomorrow? Absolutely. If you decide to try it out, it is available on their website for $25. I know that I will definitely be getting shade 2 for my little sister who loves mineral foundation but has not yet converted to a natural version.

What about you, will you be trying out Kari Gran’s Foundation? Have you tried any of their other products? Don’t forget to check back soon for a review of the Kari Gran Skincare System including the Cleansing Oil, Essential Serum and Hydrating Tonic!


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